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this is awesomely useful stuff! :)Kubulu
I totally agree about the usage of the thumb... Thumbs up.. way up. Bill Baker
ahahah I was going to write that xDMatteo Palumbo
I like those little ideas.c9sus4
5:24 - "Now this is probably going to be the hardest part of the song... for you". eliotbjj
Wonderful tone what kind of guitar is that I play only Martin acoustic guitars but I love the tone on that one. Good song also. PEACEChuck Harvey
Yeah, it was kinda funny :D He called us rookies, and hes rightG3r0n1mo
Muito bom, sinceramente, excelente. Really amazing. Nice Tunning and fingering!skiba13
@mustangblues05 It's an Australian Maton guitar.
Thanks so much, Tommy. My head can grasp it, but my fingers have a hard time keeping up. You inspire me greatly! kootenaylad
tommy what brand and guage strings do you like and use if you will,thanks,MrChuckell
haha, Tommy, I see what you're doing in the lower left hand corner there. Very nice. Very, very nice. Love this tune. Thanks for drawing out all the subtlties. I'll get back to work now! ;))Mark Riess
if he was you could see him the same way only thru Youtube, hahahaGregor Acus.
tommy your nut action is too low that's why your open A buzzes so much! :Dseasonedtoker
just play through the pain, its worth it!Pe3Dee
it sound so good when he plays it cobycracker
when it hurts keep on playng !Joshua Winkler
Wish this guy was my father.Comte Blanchefort
Thanks for uploading.BloodOrison
not cool for your father tholeratluci
there's 2 guy looking for justin bieberJérémie Bazinet
he uses 52-12 (normal gauge)illexir strings you can get them anywhere there great!Regan Neil
my god this song is all in the pinkycrazycool1128